Sunday, April 26, 2009

I was going to update this yesterday, but...I didn't. haha. So sorry to you readers.

Todays Blog of Note: Cook to Bang: Recipies to Get you Laid. Yes indeed Ladies and Gentlemen. There's some "adult" language on the site, so be warned. But the recipes all sound good and the titles of everything crack me up. So here ya go:

So todays topic: Junk Food.

Yes, the food we all love, because it's all so bad for us, but tastes so good. Every now and again we have to indulge though. Cause going through life without an indulgence every now and then is no fun. So here are a few of my favorites. And no, i'm not trying to endorse any of these products, I guess it's kind of sounding like that though. haha!

Cheez-its: Small and cheesey and good. Easy to open a box and eat them all in one sitting. My personal favorite is the White Chedder kind. mmm. I will not say no to a cheeze-it.

Chips: Of any kind really. I love plain potato chips and sour cream and chive dip. Some how it's just a perfect snack combination. One of my new favorite kind of chips is the Peppercorn Ranch SunChips. Man those things are good. You can also never go wrong with Doritios. I'm a personal fan of their Nacho Cheesier and their Cooler Ranch. Their other kinds are good too. And then you've got the different flavors of the other chips. There's sour cream and onion, sour cream and chedder, bbq...the list goes on and on. All good stuff.

Soda: I never like going a day without soda. I like it all, although I tend to perfer Coke over Pepsi, but both are good. My new kick most recently is Cherry Dr Pepper. Good stuff, I recommend it.

Fruit Snacks: Ah yes, candy but not. I love that they come in a pouch and you can rip one open and dive into them and not feel like you're over indulging. Plus, they come in fun shapes. So, you can play with them and then eat them. Fun, no? And I like to lump things like Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot into this catagory too.

Ice Cream: Really, there's nothing I need to say on this topic. Ice Cream is amazing. Also, I'll have a recipe for Low-Carb Ice Cream here in a little bit.

Popcorn: Probably one of my favorite snack foods. It's quick and easy and tastes good.

Pizza: Oh, I love pizza. It's amazing stuff. I like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns, but there's a couple of good local places. Namely those being Wheat State and Pyramid Pizza. mmmm, pizza. Frozen is good too.

I could continue listing things, but my list is never ending. Lets all face it, junk food is good stuff. It's in our lives no matter how much we try to avoid it. But it's not all bad. It's ok to indulge every no and then. Don't feel like you can't. Nothing wrong with it.

And now on the other side of the coin, here's the recipe for Low-Carb ice cream. It's amazing stuff I tell you.

You Need:
Frozen fruit (strawberries are best) Note: They have to be frozen otherwise this won't work!
Ice cubes
Heavy Whipping Cream
Splenda or Xylatol or other sugar subsitute
A blender

Take your blender and put in your fruit (a couple of handfuls ought to do it), ice cubes (not more than 10 probably, depends on how much you're making), cream (i'd say about 15-20 seconds worth of glugs), vanilla (a capful or two), and Splenda (a packet or two, just for a little added sweetness). Blend on high till well combined, and serve and enjoy!

It tastes like real ice cream, I swear. It's really easy and cheap and you don't even notice that its not store bought.

And that my dear readers, is all I have for you today.

Till the next time,
Happy Eating!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok, so here we are. Friday AT LAST! I dunno about you guys, but I am more than ready for the weekend. Not like i'm doing much of anything, but regardless, it's the weekend.

So, here's today blog worthy of note: I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking at it, but from that first recipe I can tell it's a good one. And such pretty pictures too.

Yesterday I decided to make nachos for dinner. So here's the list of ingredients you need and some pictures to go along:
Tortilla chips (I used Mission)
Hamburger meat (but you can use ground turkey or chicken or pork if you like)
Chili Powder
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Onion Flakes
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Green Onions
Sour Cream
Whatever other toppings you would like

1. Take some chips and put them on a sheet pan and turn the oven on to about 350.

ok, so that was after I baked them. I might've put them in there for a tad to long. But basically you can just put them in there for a little while and forget about them. Just don't leave them in there too long.

2. In a pan over medium, cook your hamburger. I just used 1 frozen 80/20 hamburger patty.

This is after i cooked my meat. Looks like hamburger meat. haha!

3. Drain the meat. This is probably a pretty obvious step, but i'll post the pic anyways. lol!

4. Take your chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, onion flakes and pepper flakes and sprinkle them over the meat. Add in 1/4 cup of water. It makes it mix in easier.

Those are the ingredients laid out.

The ingredients mixed in. I know it doesn't look pretty, but cooking doesn't always look pretty. But it tastes good, trust me.

5. Cut up your veggies.

Uncut veggies

Cut up veggies: L to R: Green Onion, Onion, Roma tomato.

6. Lay down your chips, your meat, and your cheese on a plate and heat it up in the microwave for about 45 seconds, till the cheese is melted. Then add your toppings ontop. For a bit of added flair, I squeezed a lime over it. It didn't make much of a taste difference, but I thought it would be fun.

7. Enjoy!

And thats how I make nachos. Sometimes I add lettuce if I have it. Just depends on the ingredients I have. This is one of my go to meals. I love nachos, and tacos. Mexican food in general is great stuff.

No cooking tonight. Making a frozen pizza. And hey, sometimes even the best cooks are lazy and want something quick and easy, and frozen pizza is just that. Probably have leftovers tomorrow, since I have leftovers I need to eat. Leftovers are great for the most part. I've got leftover pizza pasta and chicken and noodles to eat. mmm!

Have a great weekend readers!
Till the next time,
Happy Eating!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alright, I got this thing up and running. Hope to add some links within the next couple of days. I think i'll start including blogs of note each day. Here's one that I just came across, if you don't know it or have heard of it. It's called Noble Pig. Here's the link:
Lots of pretty pictures and some interesting recipe ideas. I think I want to try that couscous fruit salad out. Looks quit tasty. I don't take quite as pretty pictures as those, but maybe someday I will.

Also, I'd like to include my favorite recipe. I like to call it, Pizza Pasta. I came up with this a couple of months ago, when I was craving both pasta and pizza. A little note about me first, I'm a low carber. I am because of health reasons. I've got a bit of an underactive thyroid, so, because of that i've got some weight issues. So thus, the low-carbing. Anyways, back to my recipe. I was craving both pasta and pizza. A few months earlier, my parents had sent me some low carb pasta. I had still had some, and I was trying to be "good", so I came up with this. Basically, I took my favorite pizza toppings and incoorperated them into a pasta sauce and then mixed it in with pasta, and thus, pizza pasta was born. I also made this last week at my schools Top Chef competition, but more about that later. Here we have:

Pizza Pasta
What You Need:
1 box of pasta (I like penne, but you can use whatever pasta you like)
1 can of tomato sauce (I think it's 16 oz, I don't remember the exact size)
1 package of Italian Sausage
1 package of pepperioni
1 medium sized onion
6 cloves (or more) of garlic
Your favorite color of Bell Peppers
Mushrooms (optional)
Olives (optional)
Italian cheese blend
Italian Seasonings
Parsley Flakes
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Dried Onion
Your favorite pizza toppings

1. Cook your pasta according to the directions on the package.
2. Cut your onion, and put half in a pot over medium heat with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO, yes i'm a Rachel Ray fan.) add your garlic and half of your bell pepper. Cook till transparent.
3. Open your tomato sauce and dump in with your onion, garlic and pepper mixture. Add in your seasonings at this point NOTE: If you wish, you can use fresh herbs, it makes it taste even better. The sauce also tastes nice if you add in some Red Pepper flakes at this point, just a few for a little kick.
4. Heat up a seprate pan over medium, cook the sausage till throughly cooked, drain, add in the pepperioni till it gets nice and crispy. Add both and your remaining veggies into the pot.
5. Let the sauce simmer for a little while. Then add in the pasta.
6. Dish up you pasta, and top with your cheese and mix it in, so it gets nice and melty and all ooey gooey and cheesey. Top with the parm and the crushed red pepper flakes.

I like to serve garlic toast on the side. Along with a salad. Makes a very nice well rounded meal.

And that, dear readers, is my recpie of the day.

I'm sure i'll be back with more later.

Till then,
Happy Eating

The Obligatory First Post

Yeah, yeah. I'm just another blogger, I know. But i'm going to try this for reals. This won't be about my life, for once. This is gonna be about one of the things I love, Food.

First, a little background on me. I'm a senior in college, about to graduate. Working on my BFA in theatre. Now I suppose you're wondering, a girl who loves food and getting a degree in theatre? I know right? But who says anyone can't love food?

I love to cook. It's a hobby of mine. I feel very much in my element in the kitchen. Nothing makes me happier than a trip to the grocery store and then coming home and creating something with the ingredients I just bought. Cooking is an art, in fact, you can very much relate it to theatre. You take a bunch of ingredients, you mix them together, and then you've got an awesome end result (or sometimes it crashes and burns, no pun intended) but USUALLY it turns out awesome.

Here, I'm going to attempt to talk about my latest creations and recipies and ingredients and the grocery store adventures. Hopefully it'll be interesting. Whether people read this or not, i'm getting myself out there.

So, to all of you out there reading this, thanks.

Till the next time,
Happy Eating